MCZ Limited Editions

The limited-edition ceramics offered by the museum include both art objects designed by Carlo Zauli specifically to be reproduced in limited copies, but also conceived by artists and designers specifically for our museum, and potentially customisable for institutions and companies.

The MCZ editions are certainly an excellent opportunity to collect art in a truly accessible way, and to support the cultural activities of this space and our region.


The protagonists of these exceptional pieces are young designers, but also and above all Carlo Zauli himself.

Indeed, throughout his career, the sculptor made drawings of objects to be reproduced in limited editions.

It is with great pleasure that we offer collectors and art lovers the opportunity to purchase, at an affordable price, an object designed by Zauli that is truly representative of his most interesting works. Through this simple purchase, collectors and art lovers become true supporters of the many cultural activities of the Carlo Zauli Museum.

All objects in the collection are ceramics made by Faenza artisans and come with a certificate of authenticity.

To see all the MCZ LIMITED EDITIONS in Italian go to this link.

For information regarding the purchase of a limited edition, or regarding the possibility of designing a customised version, please contact us via e-mail.