Higher Art

The Carlo Zauli Museum enters secondary schools with Higher Art.

Arte Superiore (Higher Art), a project of the Carlo Zauli Museum in collaboration with Artbreakers, is conceived for high school classes and adolescents, with a strong formative and educational focus, with a shared vision of networking and cultural planning.

A grave disengagement with art on behalf of the newer generations is combined with a widespread exclusion of the adolescent niche from traditional museum strategies, generally polarised towards the worlds of adults or children. The project also wants to be a testing ground for approaching potential audiences in new ways.


It unfolds in classroom encounters aimed at the acquisition of new skills and student training in the world of contemporary art, seldom addressed within the scholastic curriculum.
The educational module is divided firstly into a theoretical component with face-to-face lessons that focus, on the one hand, on students’ acquisition of knowledge of contemporary art and providing the necessary tools for its understanding and interpretation; and, on the other hand, focusing on practical skills to be able to organise and plan a cultural event at each stage.
Secondly, it consists of a practical component in which, after having acquired the necessary knowledge base, the students are called upon to design an exhibition event for every phase: from organisation to communication and practical implementation.

While the project is adaptable to the particular needs of the class, it is aimed at the same objectives:
• to promote artistic appreciation through a new capacity to understand the language of contemporary art
• to introduce the history of contemporary art to new generations
• to provide the necessary tools to be able to create, organise and communicate a cultural event
• to stimulate group dynamics, and the attribution of roles and responsibilities with respect to an objective

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