Dance Therapy

Since 2018 the museum has hosted a busy program dedicated to dance therapy, curated and maintained by Marinella Freschi.

Dance therapy is a path of self-rediscovery, inner maturation and development of awareness. The body becomes a visible and concrete symbol of the inner world. Sensations, images and words unrecognizable on the rational plane take shape through movement and dance in order to be understood. It is a chance to get in touch with the subtle language that, step by step, will lead to a new and at the same time ancient, perception of oneself, to one’s original authenticity that had remained buried and forgotten. Movement, present in every moment of everyday life, is recognisable in posture, gestures, expressions, words, sounds, actions and behaviours. Every act that takes place on the physical or relational plane has a corresponding movement that takes place on the invisible plane. Unheard sensations, unexpressed emotions, denied thoughts, subliminal impulses move through an energy that conditions, stiffens, weakens, limits. The therapeutic aspect consists in paying attention and allowing to express that which has remained blocked, 57favouring the process of liberation, transformation and realignment.

The origin of dance therapy dates back to the early 1900s, when in America, some dancers and choreographers were called upon to provide therapeutic assistance to the mentally ill, with numerous methods that have developed to date. The method offered here was conceived in 1996 by Dr. Elena Deepti Canfora, who combined her experiences in the artistic field with research in the psychological sector and her path of spiritual research which started in India in 1975. The principles of the method share some aspects with evolutionary humanistic psychology and the Eastern vision, all linked to the expansion of awareness. The research tools offered by contemporary dance, theatre dance, and bodily expression are integrated with meditation techniques, and inner and energetic exploration in relation to the chakras. Mind/body/emotion relationships and the movement/therapy link are themes that bring together different fields, psychology, theatre, dance, painting, and sculpture, wherein which human exploration is placed at its centre.

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Marinella Freschi dancer and therapist graduated in Danse-Thérapie at the Université Européenne Jean Monnet A.I.S.B.L. (Brussels). Her experience developed in the artistic milieu through classical, modern, urban, and finally contemporary dance, running alongside a long path of theatre and introspective analysis. Her experimental nature pushes her towards continuous research that expands more and more towards the fullness of expression and towards a strengthening of the components that carry out movement on the physical, mechanical and physiological, artistic plane and above all in the relationship that runs between acts and inner expressions. She works in schools and training support centres with children, teenagers and adults, leading workshops for growth, integration and socialisation, dance therapy meetings, meditation, energy exploration, expansion of perception and creativity.