Ceramics Classes

Ceramics classes at the Carlo Zauli Museum

In the historic space, in a unique location between the history and modernity of the museum located in Faenza, a city with a thousand-year-old ceramic history, 30 minutes from the wonderful Byzantine vestiges of Ravenna, from Bologna, and from the sea, and 2 hours from Florence, Monica Zauli, daughter of art, architect and artist will introduce the participants to the “paradise” of ceramics, in a series of Ceramics Classes which tell the story of the site and what she learned from her father Carlo Zauli, as much about materials as about tools and techniques. Monica will guide the pottery work right up to its firing, offering advice and alternatives and guaranteeing a unique and extraordinary experience of its kind in these three types of workshops:

Contaminations – Basic ceramics courses

Experience – Making ceramics for a day

Op-u – Exchange projects for coaching and ceramics

A peculiar city with a strong sense of the “spirit of the place” — achieved through centuries of ceramic tradition — and where the current synergy between contemporary art and new technologies are combined thanks to the presence of numerous ceramic workshops, artist studios, design schools and centres for advanced research.

Carlo Zauli Museum
Located in the historic centre of Faenza, it occupies the premises that were the studio of Carlo Zauli since 1949, one of the most representative sculptors of the 20th century. It houses the Carlo Zauli collection with works from the 1950s to the 1980s and a selection of contemporary works of art of numerous Italian and international artists. Through modern tools it tells the story of the vitality and the potential of ceramic material and is a point of reference in the production and dissemination of art thanks to artists in residence, educational courses, lecture cycles, and music festivals.

The Workshops
The courses take place in the historical workshops inside the Museum where the charming atmosphere of the place and the weight of ceramic work that has been carried out without interruption for almost a century is clearly perceptible. The blackened walls of the kiln room from thousands of firings, the large moulding room with its original wooden counters and clay panels give the experience a unique character where involvement is inevitable. Each participant will have a personal station on large common tables and a tool kit including blocks of clay, modelling tools, loop and ribbon tools, scrapers and potters ribs, and everything that will be necessary for the creation of their own objects which, at the end of the course, can be taken home.

Monica Zauli
Architect and artist working in Italy, France, Japan and Luxembourg. Her projects shift between art, architecture and nature. She is responsible for measures of reinterpretation of the spaces in the home and garden. She uses various means of expression such as ceramics, drawing, and engraving. She follows artistic projects in collaboration with museums and galleries. She is vice-president of the Carlo Zauli Museum in Faenza. www.monicazauli.eu

Courses can be run in both English and French without additional costs.

At the end of the course a certificate of participation will be issued.

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