Carlo Zauli Archive

The Carlo Zauli Archive is a reference point for scholars and collectors of the works of the master from Faenza and is set up inside the headquarters, forming an integral part of the museum’s activities.

The Carlo Zauli Archive carries out research on the life and works of the artist in order to protect and promote the successes of his intense artistic activity. To this end, its primary purpose is to collect all information relating to his work in the form of a General Catalogue, which can be published in digital or paper format.

The consultation of the online catalogue on our website can be filtered by geographical area, type of work, location, year, and material via a navigable world map. The cataloguing card is linked to each blue location pointer, each containing photos and other information about the work.


The online archives of Carlo Zauli’s work are being expanded with the cataloguing of public works present in Emilia Romagna by IBC on the PatER website:


It is also intended to thoroughly document the artist’s production. Indeed, the archive’s aim is to acquire all the information and documentary materials relating to the author’s works and biography in order to collaborate with museums and scholars who wish to organise exhibitions and publications dedicated to him, and to provide the necessary materials and supervision.
The Carlo Zauli Archive is directed and coordinated by a commission set up by Monica Zauli and Matteo Zauli, with the contribution of Giorgia Erani.