Artists in Residence for Ceramics

Since 2003, the Artists in Residence project since has aimed to explore the relationship between ceramics and contemporary art, inviting internationally renowned artists who may not usually work with this material but who are attracted by its arcane and familiar charm.

With each different encounter that includes a curator, a ceramist, a group of students, and the city of Faenza, Artists in Residence becomes an experimental adventure, a creative process led by an artist unfamiliar with the rules of ceramics, and always resulting in unique and surprising outcomes from an artistic, technical and relational point of view.

The museum provides workshops, ceramic technicians, residences and staff, for the production of a series of works linking the surroundings with the artist’s vision. The works created are generally presented to the public in unexpected places around the region to then become a means of disseminating the work of the Museum and of Faenza itself throughout the world of contemporary art, with the exception of works selected for entry into the permanent collection.

The experience is always fostered in an instructional setting and inseparable from the presence of students who experience first-hand the adventure of creating a piece of work alongside an artist and master potter. For three years it has been running in parallel with the Course for Curators, a completely free-of-charge in-field training course offered by MCZ for selected students of the Academies of Fine Arts of Bologna and Ravenna.


Artists in Residence is available exclusively by invitation only on behalf of the curator, or via recommendation from a partner institution of MCZ.

To participate as a student, send your CV to:

Past editions have included the participation of the following artists:

  • Bruno Peinado
    under the curatorship of Viola Emaldi
  • Sergia Avveduti, Pierpaolo Campanini, Gianni Caravaggio, David Casini, Alberto Garutti, Francesco Gennari, Piero Golia, Eva Marisaldi, Mathieu Mercier, Maurizio Mercuri, Marco Samorè, Luca Trevisani, Sislej Xhafa
    under the curatorship of Daniela Lotta
  • Daniel  Silver
    under the curatorship of Marco Tagliafierro
  • Salvatore Arancio, Jonathan Monk
    under the curatorship of Guido Molinari
  • Christian Frosi e Diego Perrone, Natascia Fenoglio e Patrick Tuttofuoco, Francesco Simeti, Giulia Bonora, Arianna Carossa, Chiara Camoni, Massimo Bartolini
    under the curatorship of MCZ
  • Anemoi, Lorenzo Commisso, Giovanni Giaretta
    in collaboraion with the Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation
  • Simon Mc Grath, Davide Valenti
    in collaboration with the Artelaguna Prize
  • Marco Basta/Alessandro Di Pietro/Michele Gabriele/Andrea Romano/Jonathan Vivacqua, Luca Monterastelli
    in collaboration with Via Farini DOCVA
  • Emma Hart 
    in collaboration with Max Mara Art Prize
  • Ornaghi & Prestinari
    in collaboration with Siae / MIC
  • Reut Rabuah e Rani Gilat
    in collaboration with The Benyamini Contemporary Ceramics Center
  • Claudia Losi
    in collaboration with Exhibit Program | MiBACT
  • Shafei Xia
    in collaboration with P420 Bologna
  • Giulia Dal Monte e Isabela Benavides
    under the curatorship of MCZ and Collettivo NN
  • Caterina Morigi 
    in collaboration with Galleria Studio G7 Bologna