Art Therapy

The Art Therapy Lab is just born at Carlo Zauli Museum, a new and unique project of its kind.

After the experiences of 2018 and 2019 curated by Anna Maria Taroni, an art therapist from Faenza, who gathered, in the historic spaces that belonged to Carlo Zauli, a series of professional art therapists from all over Italy, who deal in various ways with personal care.
Starting from 2020 the MCZ Art Therapy department develops a new project: Arts Therapies Labs, a cycle of workshops and meetings conducted by Mona Lisa Tina, visual artist and art therapist, with the Scientific Direction of the university professor Stefano Ferrari.




Arts Therapies Labs

Conceived and designed for the spaces of the Carlo Zauli Museum in Faenza.

Responsible referents: Laura Zauli and Alberto Masacci, artistic director Matteo Zauli, scientific director Stefano Ferrari.

Consistently with the mission of the Museum, within a process of social responsibility undertaken by the Museum since its foundation, the project stems from the need to respond to the necessities of increasing psychophysical well-being of people and to spread the identity of the place through experiential encounters.

The Arts Therapies Labs are aimed at: university students, students at Art Therapy schools, students at the Art High School, students at the Academies of Fine Arts, students at Art Institutes, educators, psychologists, social workers, to health workers of any age and to anyone with an interest in contemporary arts and arts therapies but above all to those who wish to undertake a path of improvement of themselves and their quality of life.

Check the MCZ calendar to stay updated on Arts Therapies Labs appointments.


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