Temporary Store

The Carlo Zauli Museum has for a number of years been a place chosen by companies that are attentive to new trends for the presentation and sale of their products, in an unconventional space full of creative suggestions, consistent with the modern vision that makes a museum a place alive and in step with the times, able to contribute to the life of the city in many ways.

Preferably in the pre-Christmas period, the workshops turn their spotlight onto objects completely different from the sculptures, but no less contemporary nor any less a result of artistic research, in an often surprising and unexpected setting.

Consistent with the museum activities, they have so far been hosted for their temporary store brands from the world of fashion and design characterised by strong experimentation or a clear link with the world of art or contemporary creativity.

So far, MCZ has been chosen for the following projects:

Simone Rainer


to see the previous projects (in Italian), go to this link

per info: cc.museozauli@gmail.com