The Carlo Zauli Museum is a private institution which, believing in actively collaborating with local institutions and companies, designs its programming in close dialogue with all major stakeholders in the fabric of society.







Publication pursuant to Law 124/2017 of grants, contributions, paid positions or economic benefits of any kind from public or participated administrations:

The Carlo Zauli Museum is part of the Museum System of the Province of Ravenna.

The key to understanding the realisation of the MCZ is undoubtedly the spirit of sharing that the main forces of the city have shown in the face of the opening project: on the one hand, the institutions of the city which have guaranteed collaboration and fundamental strategic and communicative support, on the other, the local businesses that supported the project and whose collaboration generated the resources necessary for its implementation.
In recent years our supporters have been the Port Authority, Cooperativa Ceramica d’Imola, Terremerse, Zerocento, the Province of Ravenna, MIC, and the companies Bentini Constructions, Bucci Industries, Coop Adriatica, Combigas, Edilpiù, GD, Immgest, La Berta agricultural company, Mokador, Ravenna Tendaggi, Senzani Brevetti, and Solar Solutions.
Our technical partners were Artebambini, Liceo Artistico Ballardini Faenza, Via Bizzuno, Faenza Graphic Industries, Plastigraf, Open Care, Studio Pleiadi, CRN Faenza, Diatonia, District A, Hotel Vittoria, ISIA, LatoB, Lega Hifi, Osteria della Sghisa, q.b., Ravenna Webtv, Slow Food, and Valgimigli Typography.
Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation, Via Farini DOCVA, Museum System of the Province of Ravenna, Diatonia Cultural Projects Faenza, Artelaguna Prize, G. Sarti School of Music, Cooperativa RicercAzione and the Academies of Fine Arts of Bologna, Venice and Brescia have also collaborated.
Since 2013 MCZ has worked with Banca Intesa Sanpaolo, the credit institution dedicated to the tertiary sector.