Course for Curators

Created in 2014, and supported by the Monte del Bologna & Ravenna Foundation, the courses of CURATORSHIP of a MUSEUM EVENT, an educational workshop for students of the Academies of Fine Arts of Bologna and Ravenna, are held at the MCZ and coordinated by Guido Molinari, lecturer of Psychology of Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna and co- curator of the Artists in Residence project here at the museum.


Through a direct and active participation in all phases of the Artists in Residence and exhibition projects of the museum, dedicated to both contemporary works and historical projects on Carlo Zauli, the selected students acquire concrete and multifaceted skills in the role of curator, serving to integrate them on the path of formative academic training.

The training activity takes place directly in the field through different encounters with curators of reference, directors and organisational coordinators of the museum, invited artists and ceramists, integrated by a series of theoretical meetings with experts in the sector.

The course is completely free of charge and participation is reserved for students of the Academies of Fine Arts of Bologna and Ravenna.

120 hours of participation in the workshop are required to achieve the allocated 6 credit points for its completion.


Click the links to see the final works of each student (in Italian):

Class of 2014:
Anna Santi
Filippo Nicolò Massaro
Sumitra Simonini

Class of 2015:
Elena Fumarola
Giulia Alecci
Luca Barbieri
Martina Di Toro

Class of 2016:
Alessia Agnoletti
Giorgia Pettinari
Irene Margotti
Tatiana Basso

Class of 2017:
Elisabetta Noferini
Francesco Bergonzini
Roberta Cacciatore

Class of 2018:
Anna Bottoli
Caterina D’Ancona
Eleonora Schianchi
Nina Bovio

Class of 2019:


for info:
Monica Semprini