In 2006 the project of a series of conferences at the Carlo Zauli Museum entitled I lunedì del Contemporaneo (‘Mondays of the Contemporary’) was born, conceived by Matteo Zauli with the clear desire to link the identity of our region to the world, the atmosphere and the content of contemporary art.

Based on the hypothesis that art is a tool for the interpretation of individuality and of the social system in which we live, the project offers a key to understanding and interpreting some of the most significant artistic movements of our time. In the scope of conferences past, issues related to contemporary art have been addressed which range from interventions of a historical nature to those with socio-economic implications.

In 2010, I lunedì del Contemporaneo became Avventure nello spazio dell’arte (‘Adventures in the Art Space’), an exhibition that represented a journey between several locations and projects managed with a great deal of originality, in an autonomous and often peripheral manner, and hence with extremely limited resources and prospects, demonstrating, as Frosi and Perrone wrote upon presenting their speech, “how ambiguous and dangerous it is to dedicate oneself to culture in Italy”.

Past editions…


  • Renato Barilli, curator, art critic “The 20th Century: the revenge of ceramics”
  • Fabriano Fabbri, DAMS Bologna lecturer “The 1960s: from art to rock”
  • Guido Bartorelli, researcher at the University of Padua “The Second Futurism between mechanical art and pre-pop iconography”
  • Claudio Marra, DAMS Bologna lecturer, “Presence and meaning of photography in contemporary artistic research”
  • Roberto Daolio, critic and curator “About public art”
  • Guido Molinari, lecturer at ISIA and the Florence Academy of Fine Arts, “Art and Design: the latest trends”
  • Massimo Minini, Minini Gallery, Brescia, “Art and market”.
  • Davide Servadei, head of Bottega Gatti, Faenza, “Meetings and ceramic translations”
  • Luigi Ontani, meeting with the artist
  • Pier Luigi Sacco, lecturer at IUAV Venice, and Francesco Pinoni, director of Banca
  • Romagna Faenza, “Contemporary art as regional development”


  • Marco Samorè: Presentation of the artist in residence project 2007
  • Pierpaolo Campanini: Presentation of the artist in residence project 2007
  • Alberto Garutti: Presentation of the artist in residence project 2007
  • Franco Masotti – artistic director for the contemporary section of the Ravenna festival:
  • The demon of analogy: when the canvas becomes sheet music… and vice versa. From Schoenberg to Rothko
  • Silvia Evangelisti – director of Artefiera: Artefiera an increasingly cultural event
  • Mario Nanni – entrepreneur and designer: the light I have in mind
  • Luciano Caramel and Claudio Spadoni – critics: Carlo Zauli in retrospect, catalogue presentation

Three meetings with Fabriano Fabbri to understand the art of our time

  • Historical avant-gardes: towards the conquest of reality
  • The ’60s: the poetics of the object
  • The ’70s: conceptual experiences


  • Christian FROSI, Diego PERRONE, meeting and performances
  • T-Yong CHUNG, Chiara PERGOLA, Daniele VERONESI, meeting and presentation of the works created with ISA students
  • MARS / Lorenza BOISI, Gaia CARBONI, Dacia MANTO


  • Videoinsight®: meeting with Rebecca Russo
  • Maura Biava in conversation with Marco Tagliafierro, Elena Hamerski and Matteo Zauli
  • Contemporary week special edition: Lorenzo Commisso vs Aida Bertozzi and Luca Monterastelli