Carlo Zauli Collection


The collection dedicated to the Faentino sculptor unfolds along an anthological exhibition path, divided into sections that highlight the artist’s inclination for experimentation and a continuous reinterpretation of his own expressive language: from the essentially more ‘ceramist’ Zauli of the early 1950s, with objectual works of archaic and primitivist taste, to his latest sculptural research of the late 1980s.

This path is divided into a series of exhibition rooms and also includes the internal garden, the old workshops which are in their original state and which remain a workplace, and the cellars which are used as warehouses for earthen materials.

In an installation in collaboration with La Faenza, of which Zauli was artistic director and designer, there is also a room dedicated to the industrial design of tiles.

To view some of the works in the collection, we invite you to visit this link.