Cataloguing of Works

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The project of archiving Carlo Zauli’s works was born of a desire to bring together the work of the artist and create a vast catalogue that would allow careful and repeatable observation of the time-period of his oeuvres, a necessary condition for project of re-reading and re- examination.
As Bruno Corà writes, “knowledge takes place through frequentation and repeated and direct observations of the work and sometimes of its author”, a necessary condition for penetration into the work of an artist and for the recognition of its value.
Carlo Zauli has worked in many fields, from sculpture to design, his production goes from vases in the early 1950s to ceramic and bronze sculptures, from paintings to graphic design, from objects of design to industrial production, and cataloguing all of these provides a 360- degree outline of the artist’s character.
Additionally, the archiving of documents such as notebooks, sketches, work memos, journals on the study of enamel composition, and writings, are a valuable source for understanding the creative processes prior to the production of the works.
Just like written correspondence, epistolary documents between artists, writers and gallerists represent connections which can be re-made, and which generate a reassessment of his art, focusing the spotlight on the stories of his life, his passion for art, work, enthusiasm, and suffering.
The re-examination of Zauli’s work through its cataloguing is intended as a cognitive and penetrative tool, but also a driving force and a connection between Zauli’s art and Italian culture.
Each archived piece or document can be linked with much more, for example, incentives, aspirations, a willingness for deeper understanding and cognitive reflection, an increase in comprehension of his poetics.
The archiving also doubles as a recovery programme and must be seen as a vital process, as wheels in motion like the active hands of the artist, hands of the sculptor that shape, that caress the material thanks to a prodigious phenomenon constantly becoming one with the present.



The archiving and cataloguing programme of the artist’s works, in order to protect, promote and collect all the information relating to his work, continues through the Institute for the Cultural and Natural Artistic Heritage of the Emilia Romagna Region (IBC).

Presently, therefore, it is possible to consult both the cataloguing of works for Zauli Around the World, whose research work began last year:


Furthermore, the online archiving of the works of Carlo Zauli will be completed as part of the by IBC’s cataloguing of all heritage works present in Emilia Romagna and recorded on the PatER website:


The cataloging project was carried out with the contribution of the Cultural Heritage Institute of the Emilia-Romagna Region, within the context of the 2020 museum plan (L.R. 18/2000).

The Carlo Zauli Archive is directed and coordinated by a commission set up by Monica and Matteo Zauli, with the contribution of Giorgia Erani.