Op-U Teaching between Coaching & Ceramics

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Op-u is an initiative between ceramics and coaching focused on the dialogue between the hands and the mind, between resources and solutions, led by two minds and four hands, Monica Zauli and Brigitte Mauel.

The Carlo Zauli Museum is the ideal place in which Op-u can be created and developed since within its workshops, both historically and in its current life, ceramics have always been the means by which to express and materialise individual visions through collective practices and relationships of a heterogeneous nature.

Op-U is aimed at companies and individuals, with two different and targeted paths.

Op-u business
Workshops organised within the Carlo Zauli Museum for corporate teams involved in a project of change, innovation and development. The manual work with clay aimed at the creation of an object accompanies in its planning the mental work guided by the objective of developing one or more solutions for the realisation of interventions in favour of business growth.

Op-u personal
Workshops organised inside the Carlo Zauli Museum for people attracted by the future and by a method in which hands and mind collaborate to create change, whether personal or professional. The encounter with the earth, the welcome sense of its being as it is, its ability to transform and its limits transmit important information to the mind, they talk about risk and feasibility, creating the framework for sensible, desired and sustainable change.


Op-u is a duo of designers of change and growth, with European roots and suitcases always at the ready. Monica with her hands and artistic imagination, Brigitte with words and a more theoretical imprint, combine to experience – by combining skills and talent – the profound value of diversity. Working with them, people discover the richness of confrontation, the innovative power generated by diversity and the optimism released by change.

Monica Zauli
Graduating in architecture from the University of Florence, she is a member of the Luxembourg Order of Architects, and works in Italy, France, Japan and Luxembourg. Her projects range between architecture, art and nature. She takes care of interventions for a different reinterpretation of the space, the home and the garden. She uses various means of expression such as drawing, engraving, ceramic. She follows artistic projects in collaboration with museums and galleries. She is vice-president of the Carlo Zauli Museum in Faenza. www.monicazauli.eu

Brigitte Mauel
She graduated in Applied Linguistics with the title of translator and interpreter for Italian, French and German. She studied a Master in Corporate Coaching and is accredited as a Professional Certified Coach with ICF – the International Coach Federation. She combines her private and corporate activity with an active interest in the systemic and intercultural functioning of organisations and for the contributions that neuro-scientific research is offering to understand and improve it. www.coachlane.eu


For information and contacts
Monica Zauli +39 339 8559821
Brigitte Mauel +39 335 364828

Download the information flyer (in Italian) here.